Our Mission

hardesty campus

Hardesty Renaissance Economic Development Corporation is dedicated to sustainable and equitable local economic and community development.  Our goal is to grow the community by growing the local economy for the residents of Kansas City, Missouri’s Historic Northeast and local and the region’s small scale-farmers and food entrepreneurs.

Asian Americans for Equality, Inc. (AAFE), a nationally recognized nonprofit housing and community development organization based in New York City purchased the site at auction from the federal government in 2011. AAFE established the Hardesty Renaissance Economic Development Corporation (HREDC) as a Missouri-registered 501c3 nonprofit.

HREDC’s mission-related activities are centered on the redevelopment of the 20-acre, seven-building Hardesty site which contains 1.2 million square feet of former industrial space. Activities based on the Hardesty site will serve as the economic anchor and catalyst that improves the lives of neighborhood residents and businesses as well as Kansas City area small-scale farmers and food-related businesses. 

An important complement to the food-related theme is the fact that the Hardesty site will host a number of educational institutions and programs that will also help stimulate the revitalization of the city’s Historic Northeast.